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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Sex is healthy when it is natural

Sex is a normal action for any living organism. Be it humans, animals, birds or reptiles. Without sex, reproduction or survival is not possible. Reproduction happens when the male genital fluid fuses with the ovum of the female. It happens when the semen containing the sperm, flows through the female reproductive tract and fuses with the ovum in the uterus. When the healthy spermatozoa fertilize the ovum, reproduction starts. The semen contains 400 to 500 million sperm in its fluid. But only one healthy sperm fertilizes the ovary. If this does not happen, the male is said to be impotent. Impotency is the inefficiency to get conceived.

Natural ways of penis enlargement

Impotency or sperm ejaculation becomes a failure when the penis is not fully erect. Half erect penis also fails to eject the sperm. It is important to naturally increase the size of the penis. Exercise helps in increasing the size of the penis to about 18 cm by pumping blood to the penis tissue present inside. This will automatically erect the penis and keeps it erected for a long time. There are exercises for penis enlargement which can be done to increase the size. Taking supplements to enlarge penis can have side effects on other parts of the body and on body function. It is always important to consult doctor before taking artificial non-medical prescribed supplements. External application of creams and gel may help to some extent as they do not affect the body internally.

Artificial gels and creams

There are methods of surgery for penis enlargement which are painful. For those who do not want to feel the pain or any hustle process, titan gel pret is an option. It is cheaper and painless yet effective. The gel when applied to the penis 30 to 40 minutes before any sexual act helps in penis enlargement by supplying blood flow to the penis tissue. The product has a great customer feedback due to which the production of the titan gel pret is also high. The gel does justice to what it is prepared for in less than 10 days.